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Extraordinary Photography Tours

With Ric Wallis

Phone:     +61 (0)418 365 566
Address: 47 Chestnut Street, Cremorne, Victoria, 3121, Australia. 


    Photo Escapades fly small groups of people to remote places in Australia and Indonesia to expand their photographic knowledge while experiencing ‘off the beaten track’ locations. Guests stay in the best available accommodation.

    Learn techniques from a seasoned professional and take your photography to a new level. Ric Wallis, Photo Escapades guide and photographic mentor, will be on hand at all times to give  individual advice suited to you, whether you use an iPhone, Canon, Nikon, or Hasselblad.

    Travelling as a small group enables us to provide advice  suited to your persolal photographic needs. We also provide answers to any questions you may like to ask as well as demonstrating computer technique which you can adapt to whichever computer program you choose.

    Of course, advanced photographic technique is also discussed for those who have an interest, so whether you're just starting on your photographic journey or well advanced we will take your photography to the next level.

    Photo Escapades Tours

    Photo Escapades, photography, tours

    February 21 to 23, 2020
    April 17 to 19, 2020

    Photo Escapades, photography, tours

    March 7 & 8, 2020

    April 4 & 5, 2020

    Photo Escapades, photography, tours

    July 17 to 19, 2020

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    • What a privilege it was to be a part of a photoescapades trip. Imagine being able to climb on board a luxury plane, being flown to remote destinations that many people will never get to in their lives and having some of the most amazing scenery just waiting for you to photograph it.

      I just could not believe it when it happened. Being able to fly in a luxury plane, in and out of locations that would normally take days to get to was just amazing and such an advantage.

      Ric Wallis taught me so much about light and the possibilities that it can bring to a photo. Things I had never thought of before. We worked on composition and I was able to improve my photos in such a big way. Of course having some of the most spectacular sites to photograph helped enormously. I love Arkaroola.

      Ric is extremely generous with his time and knowledge and makes sure that everyone gets out of the trip what they wanted. I was there to learn like a sponge but others were there to take in the scenery and the social event of it all as well as get some breath taking photos. Ric easily fulfilled each participants needs. I’m in for future trips!

      Anne Neiwand 
    • “This is the second photography trip I have done with Ric Wallis and I have thoroughly enjoyed both and learnt a lot about shooting great landscapes. Ric is a person who is passionate about photography and is willing to share his knowledge. As you are in a small group Ric takes time with one on one instruction to make sure you understand your camera and the best way to compose the photos for the rewarding results, but at the end of the day it is your photo. During the weekend you are shown how your photos can simply be enhanced by using computer software packages. The flights out of Lilydale with Johnno at the joystick are great as he makes you feel relaxed and as the plane is an eight seater everyone gets to know one another every quickly. I give Flinders Island and Lake Mungo/ Arkaroola both 10 out of 10.”

       Ian Johnston.
    • “Thanks for a wonderful few days on Flinders Island.

      For me, it ticked all the boxes….

      · Good food

      · Good company

      · Good photo shoots

      · Good help in improving my photography skills in both composition and developing.”

      Garry Down
    • "Thanks so much for the great weekend. Flinders is a great location and Mountain Seas is a great base.  I was reminded of the saying "Teach a man to fish and you feed him for life."

      Richard Lock.
    • "Ric is energetic and enthusiastic, and pushed us to take better and better photos. However he is a relaxed, patient and humorous teacher and guide, so the photography was always fun and never stressful. When not out photographing the amazing Flinders Island landscapes and seascapes, we enjoyed great meals in the beautiful, comfortable and hospitable Mountain Seas lodge. Joining Ric on another photoescapade is something I would love to do."

      Peter Fagan
    • We both learned a lot about photography in such a short time. I now feel much more in control of my camera. The accommodation was as comfortable as the food was delicious and we felt as though we had covered most of the island and saw the best it has to offer thanks to your preparation.

      Craig and Sue Mochrie.
    •  I was very impressed with all of your research and attention to detail in bringing together a small group of people to such a remote location with only a love of photography as our joining link. It was a very relaxed environment as the group mixed extremely well from the outset and your friendly demeanour and sense of humour certainly encouraged this. All in all a wonderful weekend and I certainly hope to have the opportunity to join you on another photographic experience.

      Rosemary Haywood
    • Thanks for organising such a wonderful weekend away. You've made such a good impression with amazing knowledge, enthusiasm & passion for photography Well done Ric.  

      Garth Roy
    • The weekend was a great photo experience for me, giving me more confidence·handling my camera, especially histograms, I had read·about using histograms, but having first hand tuition on it made them easier to understand.

      I would recommend one of your trips to anyone interested in going further with their photography.

      David Cooper

    • First of all I would like to thank you for your help on the trip and for the effort you put in to arranging it. It was excellent.

      I would not change this trip. It is for people who want to go to more remote areas and perhaps who can take a more physical approach. 

      Flinders island is also excellent with less travel, to a less remote but still interesting and wild location.

      I think Flinders may have had more remarkable lighting, being further South and also close to the sea.

      Perhaps the showers and high winds help. Or perhaps we were lucky.

      In both cases the accommodation is very good and does not need to be improved.

      Thanks once again,

      Richard Lock
      After his second trip.
    • It is hard to believe that a week has passed since our amazing trip.  

      I have been away this week and unfortunately I still am not on my computer, only ipad.  

      Thank you so very much for organizing such a fantastic tour of Lake Mungo & Arkaroola. 

      I feel so privileged to have been able to meet you and Ilona and to be able to see the most incredible country. 

      Our accommodation was great and our flights were so comfortable, great plane & Jonathan was an excellent pilot.  

      I am very thrilled will all my photos. I was so grateful for all your help and advice and look forward to taking much improved photos in the future.  

      I am sending you one of my favourite photos. If it is not suitable to edit then I will send you some others as soon as I am in front of my computer.  

      Thank you too RIc for picking me up and taking me back to my room in Melbourne. 

      I had a good trip home, nice & warm up here! and I haven't stopped telling everyone what a wonderful trip you took us on.  

      Very kind regards,

      Robyn Bonifant
    • Thank you Ric for a great three days and for yourself and Jonathon helping me with my reticence in regard to flying in small planes.

      I haven't had any opportunity to really review my photos although I know I do have some pretty special ones. 

      The best thing for me was being able to fully explore my new camera which was a goal I had.

      The landscape was extraordinary and I can understand your love of these areas.

      Arkaroola was amazing and I am so pleased we went out on the Sunday morning to the waterhole.

      Kind regards,

      Georgina Plumridge


    "I went on Ric Wallis' Flinders Island weekend in January 2016 and thoroughly enjoyed myself. I would recommend it to any one that loves outdoor landscape photography and the opportunity learn the art of landscape photography from a professional like Ric Wallis.

    We were given the opportunity to expand the boundaries of our photography skills with Ric’s guidance and his teaching skills in pushing you to improve your photography. The weather was ever changing and his motivation and humour in getting the group to experiment in difficult weather conditions with the light and use of histograms was always fun.

    The organisation from the airport in Melbourne for the flight over to Flinders Island, the accommodation was as comfortable as the food was delicious, the touring and knowledge of the ideal locations for time of the day was perfection.

    I would highly recommend the experience to someone interested in lifting their photography skills or just visit a beautiful Island.
    Next trip Birdsville weekend.

    Watch Video

    Anne Neiwand